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I'm Catholic. My wife and I (that's her in the photo!) have a beautiful son whom we love dearly. I happen to be a software engineer, but I've read computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and law in the past. It's tough for me to keep this blog updated. I have many thoughts and ideas which sometimes overwhelm my ability to express them in the way that I would like. Nevertheless, I hope to share some of these here.

Christmas 2016

A Christkindlmarkt road-trip

Travelling was always something that we took for granted in the past. We’ve always wanted to see the world together, but put the idea aside for other things. Having Luke enter our lives gave us the perfect excuse to just…

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Faith, Marriage

Wedding Speech

I hope all of you are enjoying the food. When we were deciding where to host our wedding lunch, we reflected on some of the things that we didn’t quite like about weddings in general, and we thought, “Let’s fix…

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